Netflix Is Looking to Expand Its Gaming Efforts

The streaming behemoth appears to be considering a move into the video game business, with work offers being made to veterans of the field.

Netflix has dominated the media streaming industry for years. Still, with newer platforms like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video posing a possible challenge to its dominance, the company seems to be looking to broaden its horizons.

It has a long history of adapting video game tales, with titles such as The Witcher and Castlevania proving successful. However, a recent report indicates that it may be considering expanding into the business of actually bringing games to its customers.

News source for technology In an exclusive report today, the information revealed that Netflix aims at “growing beyond conventional film entertainment” and seeks an experienced manager to supervise expansion in the gaming industry.

The organization allegedly approaches veterans from the industry to enter this new project, although the “people familiar with the situation” quoted in the article mentioned no names.

It is also currently not clear if Netflix’s entry into the gaming industry involves the business producing or releasing its own games or serving as a broker for external publishers.

A potential business model obviously addressed by knowledgeable people is led by Apple Arcade, the paid abonnement service of Apple that offers a host of ad-free games at a fixed monthly rate at the touch of a button.

A leap into the gaming business for Netflix is not completely blue. It launched a retro-themed official Stranger Things tie-in game in 2017 and attended E3 in 2019 to announce its plan to produce more gaming content from its initial IPs.

In addition, immersive offers such as Black Mirror have hosted: Bandersnatch, which has broken the line between games and TV in the vein of classical Telltale story games and hence anything going on with a dedicated wing is not unprecedented.

Nevertheless, because Netflix knows more than anyone, while the intention is one thing, content is king. There is no lack of game-related TV coming soon, such as the highly expected Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Zelda series rumors of wind, but if the company can’t curate a solid list of real games when they enter the competition, it’s probably not gaining the fans’ attention. The problems with Stadia showed that Google needs more than just deep pockets to have an impact on an unknown market.


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