Top Ten Longest Roller Coasters In The World

Top Ten Longest Roller Coasters In The World
Top Ten Longest Roller Coasters In The World

This is a great list for everyone who loves roller coasters but hates when they end. Here you can find the world’s longest roller coasters. Right now, these are the 10 longest roller coasters in the world. We’re lucky that 6 of these roller coasters are in the United States. We will not only show the distance between the rails, but also a few other great details about the coasters. Try not to fall asleep, because here it is: The world’s 10 longest roller coasters!

10. Desperado Roller Coaster (5843 ft)

You won’t be able to find the Desperado in a theme park the way you normally would. Primm, Nevada is home to a sprawling casino entertainment complex that includes this roller coaster. The roller coaster was constructed so that it might attract customers who were passing by the casinos. A ride in the Desperado can be yours for only ten dollars if you act quickly. Due to his remarkable length, he is currently the final roller coaster on the list of the longest roller coasters in the world. When it first launched in 1994, the Desperado was the roller coaster that held the record for the highest height. The height of the track is 209 feet, but the drop is slightly higher, coming in at 225 feet due to the fact that the rails travel a little bit underground. Arrow Dynamics was the company that constructed the Desperado.

Maximum g-force4 g
Maximum speed80 Mph
Height209 Feet
Length5843 Feet
Duration2:43 Minutes

9. California Screamin’ (6072 feet)

The ‘California Screamin” roller coaster can be found in Disney’s American Park. The roller coaster at California Adventure Park is made of steel, but it has been constructed to look like a wooden roller coaster. The specifications of this track are not particularly outstanding; yet, the ride itself is unique due to the length of the track. You are going to get shot right at the beginning of the roller coaster ride. During the course of the ride, there will be other occasions when you will be lifted or shot again. The roller coaster’s overall speed will be reduced as a result of this. In 2001, Intamin constructed what is now known as the California Screamin’ roller coaster, which holds the record for being the longest roller coaster in the world to include an inversion.

Acceleration speed0 to 55 in 4 seconds
Maximum g-force4.3 g
Maximum speed55 Mph
Height120 Feet
Length6072 Feet
Duration2:08 Minutes

8. The Voyage (6442 ft)

On the list of roller coasters with the longest track lengths throughout the world, The Voyage is the first wooden roller coaster. The Voyage is a ride that can be found in the amusement and water park known as Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, United States of America. The word “voyage” comes from the French word for travel, and a ride on this impressively long roller coaster will definitely be a vacation you won’t forget. When it comes to having the second-longest airtime of any roller coaster in the entire globe, The Voyage takes the cake. When a rider is said to be experiencing air time, they are experiencing weightlessness as a result of negative g-forces. Within The Voyage, you will encounter this for longer than twenty-four seconds at a time. Only the Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point has a longer airtime than any of the other rides there. The Gravity Group was the company that constructed the roller coaster in 2006. Over the course of its existence, The Voyage has undergone a great deal of change.

Maximum g-force4 g
Maximum speed67 Mph
Height163 Feet
Length6442 Feet
Duration2:45 Minutes

7. Millennium Force (6595 ft)

The Millenium Defense Organization When looking at lists of the top 10 roller coasters, we come across a lot. Typically used as the very last stop. This time, though, it comes in at number seven on the list of the longest roller coasters in the world. The steel roller coaster known as the Millennium Force may be found at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, in the United States of America. The amusement park Cedar Point is famous for its plethora of roller coasters. You will be hoisted up to the highest point by means of a cable, and after that, the never-ending voyage will begin. Due to the fact that the Millennium Force roller coaster spends the majority of its time in bends, it is exceptionally good at keeping its speed consistent. As a result, the pace has not changed. Intamin was the company that designed and developed the course in the year 2000.

Maximum g-force4.5 g
Maximum speed93 Mph
Height310 Feet
Length6595 Feet
Duration2:20 Minutes

6. Fury 325 (6602 ft)

The Fury 325, which comes in at number 6 on the list of the longest roller coasters in the world, is only about 7 feet longer than its predecessor. This horrifying ride can be found in the park known as Carowinds, which is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. You begin your journey on the steel roller coaster known as the Fury 325 by being hoisted up to the highest point on a cable structure. After that, you have a running start on the track, and you hurry your way down. In addition to being one of the fastest and highest roller coasters in the world, the Fury 325 is also on the list. It was constructed by Bolliger & Mabillard in the year 2015.

Maximum g-forceUnknown
Maximum speed95 Mph
Height325 Feet
Length6602 Feet
Duration3:25 Minutes

5. Fujiyama (6709 ft)

In Japan, the Fujiyama is in the Fuji-Q Highland park. The rollercoaster, like the park, is named after Japan’s highest mountain, which is less than 20 kilometers from the park. During the ride, you can see this mountain in a great way. Fuji is a volcano that has stopped erupting. No one should wish for the volcano to start erupting again, because no one knows what will be left of this roller coaster. The last one happened a long time ago, which is good. It happened in 1707. The Fujiyama is a steel roller coaster that was both the fastest and tallest roller coaster when it opened in 1996. In 1997, the Tower of Terror beat him to the title of fastest roller coaster in the world. When the Millennium Force was built in the year 2000, it was no longer the tallest roller coaster. The Fujiyama was built by TOGO. If you didn’t fall asleep during the almost 1-minute-and-a-half-minute ride on the cable car, the amazing ride starts now. After the first big climb, there are a few more nice heights.

Maximum g-force3.5 g
Maximum speed81 Mph
Height259 Feet
Length6709 Feet
Duration3:36 Minutes

4. Formula Rossa (6790 ft)

Welcome to the world’s fastest roller coaster. The Formula Rossa is on almost every list of the top 10 roller coasters. You won’t find an even scarier ride than this one right now. The Formula Rossa races at 150 miles per hour in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World Park. It’s so hard to do that you have to wear safety glasses. For a roller coaster to go that fast, it needs to have a long track. This makes him fourth on the list of the world’s longest roller coasters. You don’t know what will happen to you during the mega launch. What an up and down ride! Intamin AG built the Formula Rossa, which opened in 2010.

Maximum g-force4.8 g
Acceleration speed0 to 150 in 4 seconds
Maximum speed150 Mph
Height171 Feet
Length6790 Feet
Duration1:32 Minutes

3. The Beast (7359 ft)

The Beast is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster. This huge colossus can be found in the American amusement park Kinds Island in Mason. The song is a very old one. He opened in 1979, and attraction builder Charles Dinn put him together. The track for The Beast is different because it mostly follows the natural differences in height. So, the highest drop is also 30 feet higher than the track’s highest point. This is one of the best wooden roller coasters you can find anywhere in the world. There are two cables on the course that take the train to high spots. The first one is, of course, first. But the highest point is only about half way up. Then you’ll be set free, and you’ll go through The Beast’s most dangerous part.

Maximum g-force3.6 g
Maximum speed65 Mph
Height110 Feet
Length7359 Feet
Duration4:10 Minutes

2. Ultimate (7442 feet)

The Ultimate is the second-longest roller coaster in the world, and it is located in Europe. This steel roller coaster is in the United Kingdom’s Lightwater Valley amusement park near Ribon. The roller coaster has been around for a while. In 1991, he was born. At this time, it was such a big job to build such a big roller coaster that engineers from British Rail were brought in to help. It took 18 months to build the roller coaster! The length is the most interesting thing about the track. Also, the specs aren’t all that special. The fact that the roller coaster hit a deer in 2014 that ran on the track and threw blood all over the riders is pretty gross. Except for the deer, who didn’t make it, no one else was hurt in the crash. Most of the time, the track moves along with the changes in height in the landscape. The Ultimate is the easiest ride on this list, even though it is the second-longest roller coaster in the world. There are two lifts.

Maximum g-forceUnknown
Maximum speed50 Mph
Height107 Feet
Length7442 Feet
Duration7 Minutes

1. Steel Dragon 2000 (8133 ft)

The Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan is the longest roller coaster in the world. It is 8133 feet long, and a ride takes at least 4 minutes. The fastest it can go is 95 mph.

The great thing about the Steel Dragon 2000 is that it only goes up once, while the second and third longest roller coasters in the world go up and down twice. It takes more than a minute and a half to get to the top! D. H. Morgan Manufacturing built the track in the year 2000. The roller coaster is very intense and is tied for eighth place on the list of the world’s fastest roller coasters. After the first climb, you go straight down and reach your top speed. Then, the roller coaster goes at full speed over two big hills. Hold on tight, because there are a lot of sharp turns coming up that will really shake you up.

Maximum g-forceUnknown
Maximum speed95 Mph
Height318 Feet
Length8133 Feet
Duration4 Minutes

How do you feel about the world’s 10 longest roller coasters?

Here were the top ten longest roller coasters in the world. Have you been on one of these roller coasters, or do you just think it would be fun? We’re really interested in what you think. Don’t forget to leave a comment!


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