How to get better at warding league

how to get better at warding league
how to get better at warding league

you can do better at warding league. But if you don’t believe it, let’s talk about how to get better at League of Legends warding. In League of Legends, warding is an important way to keep your enemy under control if you know how to get better at it.

With the warding tool, it’s easy to put wards on the game map to find out where your enemies are and what they’re going to do next. This is a strategy that can change the way you play League of Legends.

Well, we won’t keep you waiting long: we’ll talk about how to get better at warding league to change the way the game looks, know your enemies’ moves and strategies, have the guts to challenge your enemies or opponents, find out their next move and counter it, and even know all their moves ahead of time.

So, in this article, we’ll tell you how we keep getting better at warding league and how you can follow the same steps to see your enemies’ maps and figure out what they’re going to do next. This helps you gank, avoid getting ganked by your enemies, win your fights, and beat your enemies in battle.

What exactly are Wards in League of Legends?

how to get better at warding league
how to get better at warding league

Wards in the League of Legends are divided into sections for various tasks. So, wards in LoL are items that are available in the LoL’s shot that you can buy while playing the game after defeating your opponent’s team and bot to level up.

After purchasing wards from LoL, you can position them in such a way that the ward eliminates the fog, allowing you to see your enemy’s area on the map clearly. Meanwhile, you must place the ward into the thick fog in order to clear it.

However, in order to defeat your opponent with your wards, you must place the rightward in the right place at the right time. This will equate to learning how to improve at ward league rather than accumulating wards without knowing how to use them effectively.

You want to improve your performance in wards league. So, we’ll quickly show you some wards and how to place them correctly.

Farsight Ward

Farsight Ward
Farsight Ward | image credit:

Farsight vision radius is 500, which is less than other wards’ vision radius of 900. This can be placed up to 4000 units away from your enemies and will reveal them for 5 seconds.
This ward works differently than LoL wards, and it changes the game. The farsight ward, on the other hand, can cause you to come into contact with your enemies through strange movements or strategies.

And here are some of the features of the League of Legends farsight ward.

  • It can show you the area where an enemy is up to 4000 units away from you. This is only going to last 2 seconds (148-99 second cooldown).
  • The farsight ward can show for 5 seconds how your enemy’s champion was hit. There are no “Stealth Champions” in this.
  • It has the same thing that Control wards do, which is that it lasts forever.
  • It only has one hit point.

Zoombie Ward

Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward | image credit:

When you destroy your enemy’s wards near the allied Wards, you get a free Zoombie ward. This ward will appear in your Trinket Slot.

  • You can add three Wards in addition to the Trinket Wards.
  • Zoobie wards will be removed after 120 seconds.

Control Ward

The stealth ward can be found by the control ward. In short, the control ward stops other enemy wards from working, except for the control ward itself, if they are in its range. These wards include stealth, farsight, and others.

  • Control wards can only be bought by players at level 9.
  • Control wards can only be put up once. If it is put down again, the first time it was put down will be taken away automatically.
  • It can see about 900 units away and has no time limit, but an enemy can destroy it to stop it.

Totem Ward

Totem Ward
Totem Ward | image credit:

If you know how to use the most active defensive ward, it’s easier to get better at League of Legends. Totem ward is the best defensive ward for a starter in this game. Use the Totem ward to quickly see where your enemies are moving on the map in your area. It shows hidden information about them.

  • Only three Totem wards can be set up. Every new placement will get rid of the first one.
  • If you have the same level as the champion, the Toten ward can last for 90 to 120 seconds.
  • It has a great view of 900 units.
  • No matter what attack it takes, it has three hit points.

Stealth Ward

Stealth Ward
Stealth Ward | image credit:

Control Wards and Sweeper Drone are the only things that can find these LoL wards. These defenses trick the enemy by disappearing. During the game, you can set up up to three stealth wards. But as you add more wards, the first one will go away first.

  • It has a 600-meter range and lasts for 150 seconds.
  • No matter what attack is made, the stealth ward has three hit points.
  • Once it has been used, it can’t be made again. It gives gold to the person who killed the person.

How to Get Better at Warding League?

how to get better at warding league
how to get better at warding league | image credit:

It is not difficult to improve one’s warding skills in League of Legends. To get healthier is not hard at all; all you have to do is follow the steps that are listed below.

  • Find out what protections are in your Trinket slot.
  • Know how each ward works and what its defensive measure is.
  • You need to know how long your wards take to run out or disappear.
  • If you are not at level 9, your control ward doesn’t do anything.
  • Know what units are in each of the wards you’ve taken care of so you can keep track of your enemy.
  • If you don’t have the Totem ward, it will be easy for your enemy to break through your defenses.
  • Only put your wards where you will get the result you want.
  • As a beginner, the Toten ward is the best defense you can get to see most of your enemy’s movement.

Now that we’ve talked about how to get better at warding in League of Legends, let’s quickly go over how to get the most out of your wards.

How to Place your Wards?

How to Place your Wards
How to Place your Wards | image credit:

Wards in LoL change color depending on where they are placed. Now, you have to remember the color as well as the place. When you put the ward down, you need to keep the following in mind.

If you are on the ground or in a river, your cursor will turn white. If it’s land or a wall, the cursor will change to red. When you move your cursor over grass, it turns green. So, to place your wards effectively, do the following. This will let you see your enemies in fog.

How to Ward through Wall?

Here are some places where you can put your ward through walls.

  • At the turret lane, you can put your ward between two holes.
  • You can set up your wards if you see that the enemy jungle is a bot.
  • You can also put your protections on the walls over the river lane.

Warding Location Placement

You can use the following as a guide for where to put your LoL wards.

  • Use your Control Wards to improve your defense by putting them in places where they could help.
  • Always keep the enemy’s control ward from getting to your stealth wards.
  • Don’t put your control ward in the middle of the tri-bush, or your opponent will take it away. To keep it safe, you can put it near the lane area.
  • Always put your stealth ward at the bottom edge of the tri-bush to see if your enemies are hiding for a drive.

How to Use League of Legend Vision Effectively

League of Legend Vision Effectively
League of Legend Vision Effectively | image credit:

If you know how to play LoL, you should know that there are three different ways to see the map. The League of Legends game map is like a football field that is split in half.

But you won’t be able to run straight on the field if you didn’t use the right ward to clear the fog. And with fog, you won’t be able to see much of what your enemy is doing to defend. So, it’s best to use the right ward to clear the fog and see where your enemy is and what they’re going to do next.

  • Defensive Vision
  • Neutral Vision
  • Vision That Hurts

Defensive Vision

Having defensive vision is especially useful. It includes everything on your side of the river and in your area. This is the best place to put your stealth ward in a jungle so you can see where and how your enemies are moving.

Offensive Vision

It goes across the whole area. The trick is to only move forward one step at a time. Before you can use an offensive vision, you need to have a neutral vision. If you don’t, the enemy might attack you and push you back. But to get back on track, you can only use the neutral vision you have with you.

Neutral Vision

The area near the river and anything under the river on your map is the LoL neutral vision. But if you place your wards perfectly, you can use your gameplay turrets to see most of what happens on the map in your area and see if your enemies are coming in. With neutral vision, it’s easy to see your enemy coming so you can get ready and not get caught off guard.

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