Apple makes a bold move by suspending product sales in Russia.

Apple makes a bold move by suspending product sales in Russia.

Apple has chosen to put a halt on its products being sold in Russia, the tech giant has taken this decision to assist its neighbor Ukraine. The big news was made on Tuesday.

Not long ago, the vice minister of Ukraine issued a letter to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. In the letter, Mykhailo Fedorov begged the CEO of Apple to discontinue its services in Russia owing to the invasion. He also instructed him to ban the access of the users to Apple’s App Store.

Why has Apple ceased its supply in Russia?

Apple has made a huge move since Russia decided to attack Ukraine. From now on, Apple will not carry its iPhones to Russia. As a result of the Russian Invasion, the company will not ship any of its products into Vladimir Putin’s country.

As of today, this is one of the best actions undertaken by a tech business. Apple wants to give Russia a taste of its own medicine. Alongside Apple, several other firms like Volkswagen and ExxonMobil have done their bit to isolate Russia.

Apple remains one of the most popular mobile phones in Russia, according to research firm IDC. It has acquired the 3rd rank in the list of most popular smartphones. Xiaomi and Samsung are the top 2. Apple’s surprising action will somehow influence its online sales, given there is no physical store of the corporation present in Russia.

What does Apple have to say about the move?

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Apple makes a bold move by suspending product sales in Russia. 2

“We have paused all product sales in Russia,” Apple said in a statement to the media. Last Monday, we stopped all shipments into our sales channel in the country. We have disabled both traffic and live incidents on Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.”

In a statement made by the firm, Apple said, “We are deeply worried about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand with all of the people who are suffering as a result of the violence.”

It further added, “We are supporting humanitarian efforts, giving aid for the emerging refugee crisis, and doing all we can to support our teams in the region.” In the future, the use of Apple’s famous pay service will also be prohibited in Russia.


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