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I am an experienced web developer with over five years of experience specializing in front and back end development. Also, I am currently completing my higher studies as a student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

Ten ways science can help fight Coronavirus 2020

From public health networks to knowledge exchange, Coronavirus 2020 is a thorough evaluation of China’s disaster preparedness and response capability. China has had its...

Ten Most Deadly Viruses Known in 2020

Human beings coexist with viruses. For some viral diseases caused, vaccines and anti-viral drugs can be used to prevent further spread of infection and...

The Top Ten Company in Market Capitalization in the World In 2020

Today’s article deals with the top 10 most profitable businesses in the world. Ratings are based on the valuation of the market. It shall...

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Plant A Tree In Your Place.

A tree is the breath of the world. If nature is a great designer, she gave birth to the most precious design in the...

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World.

Have you ever heard about the top ten most dangerous places in the world? Most people never face danger in their daily life. Just think...

The Top Ten Fastest Trains in the World 2019

In 21 century with this busy modern lifestyle, we have to move very fast with our daily tasks. For travelling purposes, the train is...

How to Install Call of Duty: Mobile to Your Any Device.

Last week on the world’s children day 2019, Activision Released their brand new Call of Duty: Mobile game for android and ios devices. As...

The Top Ten Most Weight Loss Healthiest Foods on The Planet.

Are you looking for a quick way to lose your weight? Suppose you are having a party with your favourite people and want to...

World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2019 Revealed By Travelers around the World.

World's Top 10 Airlines of 2019. World's best airline. Qatar Airways. Singapore Airlines. ANA All Nippon Airways. Cathay Pacific Airways. Emirates. EVA Air


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