Top 10 Best Chocolates in the World

Best Chocolates in the World

After all, this is the world’s best chocolate? We celebrate the date each year with a wealth of love, affection and chocolate as we approach the Easter celebration. The chocolate is world-class, and it’s a passion (chocolates who tell it), we have researched it and placed a list of The 10 Best Chocolates in the World from the imported chocolate brands.

See the list of The 10 Best Chocolates in the World below.

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1 – Teuscher | Zurich, Switzerland

For more than seven decades of experience in the Swiss Alps, in a small village, Teuscher is the most traditional producer of this delicacy, using only the best ingredients of exceptional quality, and the result can’t be any other commodity fascinating the most informed and professional.

2 – Vosges Haut-Chocolat | Chicago, United States

Vosges Haut-Chocolat American company owned by chocolate maker Katrina Markoff who carefully assists the creation of this exquisite fine chocolate with every particular detail and choice of ingredients.

He has learned much of his knowledge of this art from the renowned Cordon Bleu de Paris gastronomic school, having gradually developed his product through many trends and influences gathered worldwide.

It currently manufactures truffles and chocolate of the highest quality with ingredients that may come from Mexico (Baumilha) or even the popular Argentine dulce de leche.

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3 – Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker | Berkeley, United States

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is a specialist in dark chocolate, which has a process of monitoring all stages of its production. Starting from the cultivation of the foot to the choice of cocoa inputs and reaching the final product resulting in a unique product portfolio with intense flavours that please and win over a wide audience of connoisseurs and chocolates.

4 – Jacques Torres Chocolate | New York, United States

New York’s Jacques Torres Chocolate has a small chain of five New York stores. Whoever enters there has the impression of being in a small, traditional, and trendy European chocolate shop. The elegant, small tables welcome customers to sample the finest Creamy Hot Chocolate, followed by French chocolate pain.

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It is complicated to get out of there without taking a typical box of unparalleled quality fine handmade chocolates.

5 – Norman Love Confections | Fort Mayers, United States

The American Norman Love Confections is based in the city of Fort Mayers, Florida, and as well as being incredibly tasty and friendly to the mouth, their items have an amazing and impactful feel. Its creator, Norman Love, developed an exceptional chocolate painting technique that is imported from countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and France.

The painting is all organic, organic, and fresh fruits such as chestnuts, strawberries and bananas are the ingredients used in this process, and still as fresh as possible.

6 – Valrhona | Tain l Hermitage, France

Founded in 1922 in the French town of Tain lHermitage, near Lyon, where its factory and shops are located, Valhrona is one of France’s most renowned. The chain of stores, branches and culinary schools specializing in fine chocolate processing include cities like Milan, Tokyo, New York and Barcelona.

7 – Godiva Chocolatier | Brussels Belgium

The popular Godiva Chocolatier, founded in 1920 in a small family store, is based in Brussels, Belgium, the center of fine artisanal chocolate worldwide. \It has always been a reference in the art of making top-quality chocolate and has become, over time, one of the most recognized global brands, combined with its excellent commercial success.

The chain of shops expanded around the world, and its brand is synonymous with success, chocolate of excellent quality and origin, all of which became the official supplier of Belgium’s royal family.

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8 – Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates | Santa Cruz, United States

You want great sweets, get to know Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates, their products are made with a range of Belgian and French chocolates that use saffron, lavender and chipotle as ingredients in conjunction with typical mixtures and blends.

Richard Donnelly, designer and innovative chocolate maker, is the recipient of many respected and coveted prizes.

The treatment is so intensive that the regular production is regulated and restricted by the American store in Santa Cruz, California.

9 – Richart | Paris, France

Richart is located in France, in Paris, and its commitment to quality of production results in one of the best and finest chocolates found in Europe. Its products have combinations and quality ingredients added to the decades-long experience that guaranteed seven-time awards such as Ruban Bleu.

In addition to being very tasty, the Richart family is obsessed with discovering and developing products that have an excellent visual presentation.

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10 – Puccini Bomboni | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Holland could not be left out because it is a country known as one of the best chocolates for the quality of its products. Puccini Bombani is located in Amsterdam, where they have a shop that also works as a café and restaurant, their handmade chocolates, handmade, one by one, always with fresh ingredients, traditional recipes and not with a lot of variation but with impressive quality.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post about the best chocolates in the world and the chocolate brands and their information Gettopten got, I would like to invite you to share your experience in the comment section. If you have more suggestions please contact us.


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