Lets find the top 10 hottest chilli sauces in the world.


Those who find Tabasco spicy will not enjoy the following sauces. Because the top 10 ranking shows just how “mild” Tabasco is actually. Tabasco has only 2,500 Scoville. In 10th place, there is a sauce that measures 700,000 Scoville. These sauces, which are listed here, are among the top 10 hottest chilli sauces in the world.

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Lets find the top 10 hottest chilli sauces in the world. 4

10. Blair’s 2 AM Manufacturer

Blair’s 2 AM
Manufacturer: Gardner Resources, Inc.
700,000 SCU

Gardner Resources, Inc. created a sauce that just made it into the top 10. With a value of 700,000 Scoville (short: SCU) the direction of travel is specified – there are no upper limits. “Blair’s 2 AM” is certainly not for the faint of heart, but it is sometimes one of the mildest chilli sauces that can be found in the top 10.

9. The Slap Heard Around the World
Manufacturer: Tijuana Flats
700,000 SCU

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Lets find the top 10 hottest chilli sauces in the world. 5

The chilli sauce “The Slap Heart Around the World” also arrived in ninth place with 700,000 SCU. Tijuana Flats, which is sure to create burning moments, are created these extraordinary sauce. Places 10 and 9 are-measured according to the SCU value-equal; if you want to test how hot it feels, try one of the two sauces for your luck.

8. Satan’s Blood

Manufacturer: Sauce Crafters, Inc.
800,000 SCU

Does satan know what’s hot? We are taking a step towards hellfire, with 800,000 SCU. “Satan’s Blood” from Sauce Crafters Inc. is a hellishly hot chilli sauce that has reached the eighth place in the top 10 rankings of the world’s hottest chilli sauces. A small satan, which can be seen on the bottle, characterizes the sauce. He promises fun to hell if you’re using his hot sauce.

7. 1 million Scoville Chili Extract

Manufacturer: Ashley Food Company, Inc.
1,000,000 SCU

Ashley Food Company, Inc. was one of the first to hit the magic 1,000,000 SCU limit. Accordingly, on the bottle is the sauce name: “1 million Scoville Chili Extract.” Friends of the “too hot taste” in particular are enthusiastic about this sauce. “1 million Scoville Chili Extract” already has a cult status in many countries and should not be missing at barbecues. However, even if the sauce has become a cult, it must be borne in mind that it must be treated with extreme caution to exceed the 1 SCU limit.

6. Cool Million Pepper Extract

Manufacturer: Poison Pepper Co.
1,000,000 SCU

With “Cool Million Peper Extract” a sauce similar to “1 Million Scoville Chili Extract” was created by Poison Pepper Co. Probably the only difference is the packaging which does not in any way suggest that “Cool Million Pepper Extract” is suitable for consumption. Finally, on the packaging, you can see a skull which should show the way-this sauce is damn hot. Just like the sauce of “1 million Scoville Chili Extract,” this is 1,000,000 SCU, too. The skull is certainly a deterrent to many customers; however, in general, warnings are included on all vials which bring with them such levels of severity.

5. Infinity

Fire Foods
1,176,182 SCU

Fifth place went to England. Fire Foods has developed a chilli sauce, which was obtained from the world’s hottest chilli plant, according to its information. The manufacturers worked for around two years on the hottest plants in the world before the sauce could be made. Fire Foods merely mixed lemon and vinegar into the sauce so that no new taste was created or the taste of the chilli is retained in its components. “Infinity” made it to fifth place in the top 10 rankings with a value of 1.176.182 SCU.

4. Da ‘Bomb The Final Answer

Manufacturer: Original Juan Specialty Food
1,500,000 SCU

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Lets find the top 10 hottest chilli sauces in the world. 6

The “Da ‘Bomb: The Final Answer” is fourth. Original Juan Specialty Food with this sauce has reached the limit of 1.500.000 SCU. The name says it all-many people here are experiencing the “last response” to the question of how hot a sauce can be. But with 1,500,000, “Da Bomb: The Final Answer” only ran fourth.

3. Blair’s 3 AM

Manufacturer: Gardner Resources, Inc.
1,500,000 SCU

In third place is Gardner Resources, Inc.’s “Blair’s 3 AM.” The chilli sauce-like number 4-is also worth 1,500,000 SCU. The successor to “Blair’s 2 AM”-ranked 10th in the ranking-was created with “Blair’s 3 AM” which is 800,000 sharper SCU. Many experts think “Blair’s 3 AM” is the hottest chilli sauce that can still be eaten. Things for places 2 and 1 are a bit different.

2. The Source

Manufacturer: Original Juan Specialty Foods
7,100,000 SCU

It’s regarded as the hottest sauce still on the market. We talk about “The Source.” All those who have already dealt with hot sauces will come across the sauce that was developed at some point by Original Juan Specialty Foods. “The Source” has 7,100,000 SCU and is considered the world’s hottest sauce on the market. There needs to be extreme caution here; eating the sauce can very well lead to health problems.

1. Sixteen million reserve

manufacturer: Gardner Resources, Inc.
16,000,000 SCU

Number 1 is the “16 million reserve”, a chilli sauce that has an incredible value of 16,000,000 SCU. It is the hottest spice in the world and also immortalized in the Guinness Book of Records. A bottle of “16 million reserves” cost $ 200. However, only 999 bottles of extreme sauce were made, which can very well be a danger to human health.

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