Alcohol is an integral part of our culture. Alcohol was enjoyed many thousands of years ago. Today, this is no different. After lunch, everyone still likes to take a small glass of wine or a drink. The unique thing about those drinks is that the alcohol they contain. This ensures that the throat is slightly burning while ensuring that the taste is unique. Depending on the drink, alcohol content may vary. Mixed drinks and alcoholic drinks are trendy and usually contain less than 10 percent volume of alcohol. Then wines are slightly higher. The majority of wines and beers have 15% alcohol. Then things go to the “harder.” These should under no circumstances be consumed daily, and should not be exaggerated when drinking. There can be too much alcohol in the blood, and you should take it slowly. The body can still digest alcohol by volume from schnapps and spirits up to 50 per cent. The stomach then gets heavier. Too much alcohol intake can damage the liver, make you sick and cause other illnesses. Nonetheless, now and then you can try one of those “devil drinks.” You’re sure to return to your regular drinks soon and not touch that alcohol any more. One gets sick, and there could be other illnesses. Even so, now and then you can try one of those “devil drinks.” You’re sure to return to your regular drinks soon and not touch that alcohol any more. One gets sick, and there could be other illnesses. Nonetheless, now and then you can try one of those “devil drinks.” You’re sure to return to your regular drinks soon and not touch that alcohol any more.


65% vol.

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A real speciality is in the last place. Here’s the World’s strongest beer. This comes from Scotland and is the current holder of this category record. A Scottish brewery had 65 per cent vol brewed the beer. With a beer, in particular, you know that it is not so easy to obtain a high alcohol content. Only crystal malt, wheat, oatmeal and 100 per cent Scottish spring water have been added to the beer, according to the brewery. An “ice buck” from those ingredients was then created. That means it gets frozen when the beer is stored. But here only the water is freezing and not the alcohol. The ice is then removed completely, and only the alcohol remains. At the Inverness Beer Festival, Armageddon beer was introduced first. This happened on the 3rd of November 2012. Yet the World’s strongest beer isn’t too cheap. The equivalent of seven euros for sipping at the festival. The Dutch brewery “Het Koelschip” created the former strongest beer in the World. At that time, the “Start the Future” beer had about 60 per cent alcohol. But with 65 per cent vol, Armageddon clearly won. You can buy the beer on the web today for around 50 euros. 

Booker’s Kentucky Bourbon

65.2% vol.

Bookers Bourbon
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It’s hard to find a really good whiskey but Kentucky Bourbon from the Booker will be an exception. The whiskey bears the name of a great-grandson of Jim Beam. Booker Noe began making its whiskey in 1992. Only the best ingredients and barrels he has selected here. You should, of course, pay particular attention to Booker’s Kentucky Bourbon taste. Because of its maturation of 6 to 7 years, it tastes somewhat of oak. The Booker’s Kentucky Bourbon can also taste vanilla and the smoky charcoal. The whiskey is generally very intense, and yet fruity. Tannin and tobacco are the main savours. You are going to get this wonderful taste on the tongue, and the finish is going to be clean, long and intense. Booker’s Kentucky Bourbon is certainly a very special whiskey.

Rodniks Absinth Classic

70% Vol.

Rodniks Absinth Classic
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Rodniks absinthe is made in Spain and has a generous 70 per cent vol alcohol content. One of its trademarks is the beautiful green colour Rodniks absinthe. But you are not going to forget its special aroma so fast either. As with all absinths, the Rodniks absinthe also contains the wormwood herb. This creates a slight bitterness in the alcohol. Additionally, other herbs are used in the Absinthe Rodniks. These give that character a very special one. Rodnik’s absinthe taste is strong and combines the herbal aromas perfectly. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the star anise note Combining star anise, and the different herbs make Rodnik’s absinthe a speciality. It has a slightly bitter, spicy, strong flavour. It is received especially well in Southern Europe, Asia and North Africa. You can, of course, enjoy the Rodniks Absinthe pure, but it is also very pleasant when mixed with water. You can reduce the alcohol content a little bit here. The beautiful colour of the Rodniks Absinthe not only ensures the natural herbs and essential oils but also the clear spring water.

Coruba Rum Jamaica

74% vol.

Jamaica can be associated not only with good cigars but also with marvelous rum. The temperature, the abundance of nature and the manufacturers’ long experience ensure a unique rum is made here. Any sip you can taste it. The Coruba Rum Jamaica is, of course, no exception. 74 per cent vol of alcohol content. It’s not exactly low, but you can still purely enjoy it. It’s mainly popular with connoisseurs because of its strong aroma. It’s also intensely fruity and lovely, at the same time. The scents will rise in your nose as soon as you open the Jamaica Coruba Rum, and fog your senses. The Coruba Rum Jamaica speciality is also evident when you’re taking a sip. Intense aromas are released immediately, which come from the fruit’s sweetness. A big advantage is that it retains that taste for a long time. You’ll still feel the fruity sweetness in your mouth even after you’ve enjoyed Coruba Rum Jamaica. The individual aromas will only slowly fade away. You don’t have to drink just pure Coruba Rum Jamaica, though. It can also be used for all kinds of mixed beverages, cocktails or long drinks. You should, of course, keep an eye on the alcohol content at all times. The Coruba Rum Jamaica is often used for the popular rum pot because of this high alcohol content. It can also be used for cooking and baking. The Jamaica Coruba Rum will be especially suitable for desserts. Otherwise, the Jamaica Coruba Rum simply persuades with its strong and intense taste.

Flower vodka

75% vol

Of course, the name “Blume Vodka” doesn’t reveal how much alcohol there is behind it. The flower vodka certainly has nothing to do with a cute flower meadow; however, with every sip, it can trigger a hailstorm. It has a very mild taste in this case and is almost tasteless. Stretching vodka flower with water is best. One can not count the floral vodka among the types of vodka that are common. It’s perfect for cocktail bases and long drinks, though. You can also make herbal stock or a rum pot using the vodka flor. Its neutral property is just ideal for this. The floral vodka simply does not have a vodka’s unmistakable taste and is therefore very special.75% vol. You can also drink the vodka flower straight, but you should mix it up. 

Straw rum

80% vol.

Straw rum
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One of the “more humane” alcohol drinks is probably the straw around. It comes at 40 percent vol. To vol 80 per cent. Today, you can use the straw around and not just drink in all sorts of areas. It is also frequently used for baking and cooking. The straw tube can develop its full potential with 80 per cent vol, particularly in the warm state. A true highlight in hot drinks is the straw around. The heavy-duty straw tube is produced in Austria. He was always used when needing a break. You wanted a brief break from everyday life and found it in the surrounding straw. The straw tube finds its place today mostly in hot drinks such as jager tea, punch, or grog. This alcohol can be used in many cocktails, mixed drinks and punch bowls, too. In the Austrian pastry kitchen, it is used very traditionally. It is used here for cakes, cakes, and desserts. In particular, the pocket bottle is simply distinctive and available in different sizes. With 80 per cent vol, you can also use the straw. In compote, aromatic rum pots, or jam preparation.

Absinth 85 Black Edition

85% Vol.

Absinthe is simply one of the World’s highest proportion of drinks. Fast up to the 90s, you can bring your alcohol content. The Absinthe Black Edition is 85% Vol. He is often referred to as the absinthe king and is especially noble. It was created on the occasion of founding the 85th company and consists only of raw materials of high quality. Of course, this absinthe is available only in a limited edition, and you should still secure a bottle. It is an absolute top product, finely balanced and with a slightly bitter note due to the herbal wormwood. Five burns on the Absinth Black Edition. Only the purest water from the spring was used for production. The Absinthe Black Edition takes on a very delicate character throughout the whole fabrication process. But not only the taste is unique, but it has also put a lot of value on the packaging. This looks especially noble and is too much damage just to throw away. Otherwise, you can purely enjoy the Absinthe Black Edition, or in a mix of ice and water.

Absinthe Hapsburg

89.9% vol.

Absinthe is generally a highly alcoholic beverage. Absinthe has in the “normal case” between 42 per cent vol. And vol. 78 per cent. The Hapsburg Absinthe is an exception. You can earn 500 ml under the name “Gold Label.” 89.9 per cent vol bottle. You can drink this pure absinthe, but it should be mixed. Less than 2 cl per day is totally harmless. Hapsburg absinthe had been made in Bulgaria in earlier times. But recently the manufacturing facilities were in Italy. Like all varieties of absinthe, the absinthe Hapsburg has a slight anise flavour. Particularly inspired by this aroma is what makes this absinthe unique. Above all, great long drinks can be mixed with this absinthe, but also with cola or juice, the absinthe will make itself wonderful. 

Alcool Puro

95% vol.

Sure this drink is not for “wimps.” The high content of alcohol is a pain to the body and can only be consumed in very small amounts. Most of that alcohol is sold in Italy and Poland. You can buy this in standard supermarkets here. It is normally only available in pharmacies in Germany. The Alcool Puro is best mixed with other drinks. This makes it easier to endure, and the relentless burning in the throat does not occur. You can also dose alcohol to the content of your heart. You should start with very low doses, though, and only then go up. An excessive quantity of this drink is not recommended, however. Better to look at it as an “experiment” The Puro Alcool is also used to disinfect wounds. It’s also often used in the kitchen though. You can use it in various dishes, and you can give it a delicate note of alcohol. It can quickly lead to headaches, fainting or worse when consumed too much.


96% vol.

Prima-Sprit image credit:

This drink is also called wine spirit, drinking alcohol or neutral alcohol. Prima-Sprit is used as the basis for other liqueurs, fruit pots, berry tops, egg liqueurs, tinctures, essences and flavours. Prima-Sprit is completely pure in itself, and almost entirely without taste. This is why this drink is not drunk but stretched in its pure form. You could, of course, try this drink pure as well. But then exceedingly small amounts. Water is often added with Prima-Sprit so that the alcohol content is somewhat reduced. This creates the Prima-Sprit’s slight burning and still preserves the aromas of the rest of the drink. The prime fuel’s shallow taste may then come in on its own. It is particularly pleasant and mild. Still, you need a trained tongue to be able to taste the alcohol taste. Otherwise, Prima-Sprit is designed solely to stretch different beverages. Excessive pure intake can lead to serious illness.

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