For more than a century, oil has been an essential part of everyday life. Crude oil is a natural resource, but its era is slowly coming to a conclusion. By way of instance, an increasing number of digital passenger cars are being manufactured today because the burning of crude oil as fuel has introduced enormous amounts of climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

However, crude oil isn’t just utilized as a source of energy, but also in fabrics, chewing gum as well as in cosmetics. We present you to the ten largest oil producers in the world in our Top10 list.


Brazil is the fifth-largest nation in the world in terms of population and area. It’s also the largest and most populous country in South America. There are large oil deposits near the Amazon estuary from the Brazilian coast, but there’s a risk the drilling will destroy the volcano and the coral reefs. The average oil production in 2016 was 2,515,459 barrels per day.


The small Gulf emirate of Kuwait is too big as Saxony concerning area. Nevertheless, it is the fourth-largest oil producer in the Gulf region. 94% of their income is dependent on oil, so oil is the nation’s main source of revenue. In 2016 the ordinary oil production was 2,923,825 barrels every day.

08.United Arab Emirates(Screen )

The next Gulf nation in our Top10 list is the United Arab Emirates (UAE for short) and consequently, the third-largest oil producer in the Gulf area. With 83,600 km², the UAE is one of the smaller countries in the Gulf States. Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the greatest city here and, at the same time, the capital of the emirate. The typical amount of oil generated in 2016 was 2,923,825 barrels every day.


Concerning ​​the nation’s area, Canada is the second biggest nation in the world but has just 36 million individuals. Canada has the next most funds and the next most petroleum reserves in the world, leading to 3,662,694 barrels daily being considered the ordinary oil production here. With approximately 1.4 billion people, the Middle Kingdom is the most populous country in the world.

06. China

China ranks fourth in the area. In 2016, China ranked second on the planet in oil export and consumption. The average oil production in the same season was 3,980,650 barrels per day.


Iran, measured with respect to its whole area, is the second-largest and at the exact same time that the most populous state in the Gulf area. Iran ranks fourth from the petroleum book rankings, and the normal oil production in 2016 was almost exactly 3,990,956 barrels daily; the Gulf nation is a part of the OPEC cartel.


Iraq is a country in the Middle East, with 38 billion individuals, it’s the third most populous nation in the Arab world. In the world ranks of the nations having the most natural sources, the country is in fourth place, with all the market based on oil exports, which makes it the third place in the world. The average oil production in 2016 was just 4,451,516 barrels every day.


The USA is the third biggest state in the world regarding both population and area. In the world ranks of resource availability, imports and consumption, the USA all occupy the first location. The average oil production in 2016 has been an unbelievable 8,875,817 barrels every day.

02.Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the greatest country in the Gulf region concerning area and has the second-largest oil reserves on the planet, making it a pioneer concerning exports. Like the aforementioned Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia is a member of the OPEC cartel. Saudi Aramco is the largest oil production company globally and has been taken over by the state. In 2016 the average oil production was a shocking 10,460,710 barrels daily.


Concerning area, with approximately 17 million square kilometres, Russia is the largest country on the planet. Also, in the normal oil production of 2016, Russia ranks first with 10,551,497 barrels per day.


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