How To Increase Girth Size Fast

How to increase girth size fast

Are you want to quickly enhance your girth size? …. in which case, you’re in a good spot…
As an example, consider the case of small girth, which is an uncommon condition in which the man’s girth is significantly smaller than the norm.

Following the evaluation, the urologist may recommend surgery to expand the girth size; nevertheless, this is a sensitive procedure that may be accompanied by various risks and complications.

Because there is currently no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of currently available procedures to increase girth size, it is recommended that you visit a urologist if you are dissatisfied with the size of your girth before beginning any therapy or techniques.

In most cases, teenagers who believe that the procedures will work perform them; however, the increase in girth is attributable to the normal growth process and is not necessarily related to the techniques used to enhance girth.

In addition, it is critical that the urologist be consulted prior to conducting any procedure in order to evaluate the situation and to recommend the performance of some type of treatment, such as the use of the hormone testosterone, which can accelerate the growth of the girth, for example.

The following are the procedures that are most commonly employed to

How to increase girth size fast at home

Jelqing exercise

Jelqing exercise
Jelqing exercise

As long as there are no contraindications to the exercise or Jelqing technique, it is considered a safe and natural way to enlarge the girth.

It is based on the notion that increased blood circulation in the vaginal area can cause the size and thickness of the girth to rise.

Exercise to do at home in Jelqing
Jelqing is a natural way to extend the penis; there are no side effects, but you must be patient. The exercises should be done on a regular basis and as part of a program.

The typical stretch, in which you hold the penis 1 cm below the glans, is one of the exercises.

Then, gently stretch forward with some power, but not to the point of pain. We’ll leave for 20 or 30 seconds once we’ve achieved this position, and then relax. We’ll repeat the process later, but this time we’ll hold the penis down, up, right, and left. The tissues that make up the penis will be gradually stretched in this manner.

The rotary stretches are another option. To accomplish so, use your index and thumb to grip the penis 1 cm below the glans. Later, you must stretch forward until some pressure is felt. For around 15 seconds, we will rotate the penis in one direction, then in the opposite direction. As if we were circling each other. These processes will be repeated 5 to 10 times on each side, with 3 turns on each side.

An inverted stretching exercise is also an option. The thumbs of both hands must be placed 1 cm below the glans in this scenario.

To support the member, the other fingers are placed under the penis. Then we’ll use our thumbs to gently peel the skin back, but not enough to move the ones underneath. It should be done until the skin begins to expand, but not to the point of pain. We will hold this stance for 20 seconds before relaxing. These processes must then be done 5 to 7 times more. Between repetitions and repeats, you’ll take a 5- to 10-second break.

Despite being a safe practice, doctors do not advocate the Jelqing exercise because it has not been scientifically validated.

Furthermore, if you perform motions incorrectly, violently, or too frequently, the exercises might create pain, irritation, inflammation, and damage to the girth tissue.

Using stretching devices

Stretchers are typically used at the base of the glans girth to provide pressure to the girth’s shaft in order to stretch it.

The usage of this type of equipment on a regular basis is thought to enhance girth growth during erection.

Because there have been few trials that show the benefits of this sort of device for increasing girth, urologists do not suggest it.

In addition to being inconvenient, it can exert an excessive amount of force on the girth, resulting in bruises and nerve damage.

Vacuum pumps

By supporting an increase in the quantity of blood in the girth during erection, vacuum pumps are usually recommended by urologists in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

As a result, follow the doctor’s recommendations when using the pump.

The use of vacuum pumps has no scientific basis, given that the effect is only temporary, occurring only during erection, and that it is not recommended by a doctor because there are no changes. Furthermore, frequent use of the vacuum pump can damage the girth tissues, resulting in erection problems.

Medications to increase the size

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There are currently various medications and lotions that contain vitamins and hormones that are thought to help enhance the size of the girth by increasing the amount of blood in the girth and promoting a longer erection duration by increasing the amount of blood in the girth.

These medications, on the other hand, are used to encourage erection rather than to expand the size and volume of the girth.

Furthermore, some drugs can have detrimental impacts on men’s health and may interact with other medications they are taking.

Use of rings

The concept of wearing rings on the girth stems from the fact that during erection, the amount of blood in the genital area’s body increases, perhaps causing a temporary enlargement effect.

However, there is no scientific support for this treatment, and it is regarded as harmful because if the ring is excessively tight or stays on the girth for an extended period of time, it might cut off blood supply and cause difficulties.

Girth enlargement surgery

Probably the quickest technique to gain girth, although… Due to the hazards involved with the process, such as an increased risk of infection, the existence of scars, and deformities that can make an erection difficult, surgery to increase the size of the girth should be the final option examined by the urologist to expand the girth. The alterations that might be seen following surgery are mainly due to the aspiration of extra fat in the area, which makes the girth appear larger when it is actually the same size.

As a result, surgery to enhance girth is not recommended in situations when the man expresses unhappiness with his size because it carries numerous dangers and is not considered beneficial; however, it may be explored in cases of micro girth when other therapies have failed.


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