To sleep better when it’s hot outside at night, close your bedroom shades and curtains earlier in the day before the sun reaches its peak intensity. This prevents heat from accumulating in your bedroom and transforming it into a gigantic oven.

Once the sun has set and the temperature has begun to fall, open your blinds, drapes, and windows to allow fresh, cooler air to flow into your home.

Make use of bedding that is low in weight.

Having to contend with a higher tog comforter at night when it’s hot is the last thing you want to be doing. Instead, choose a bed sheet that is both light and breathable. When you go to sleep, place it at the bottom of your bed so that when the temperature lowers during the early hours of the morning, you’ll have a breathable layer to wrap yourself in.

Make your sleeping pillow cooler.

Also, make sure you are sleeping on the finest pillow possible to keep you cool while you sleep. Purple is one of the greatest companies when it comes to breathable bed pillows, and their products are frequently on sale with the greatest Purple mattress prices. Even while the Purple Harmony Pillow is our top selection for improved airflow, there are a variety of other cooling pillows that you might try as well.

Some individuals swear by the method of freezing their pillowcase and placing it on their pillow right before bed. We’ve tried stuffing a frozen block inside our pillow with varying degrees of effectiveness in the past. It was effective, although our pillow was a little moist in the morning when we woke up.

Use an air conditioner or a tower fan to cool down.

If you have the financial means, investing in the greatest central air conditioner will allow you to sleep better in the summer since the AC keeps your home at a more constant, cooler, and more pleasant temperature throughout the year.

If you don’t have central air conditioning but do have a tower fan or a smaller oscillating fan, you may use it to mislead your body into thinking it’s cooler by placing it near your bed. Although this does not introduce cold air into the bedroom, the sensation of air movement aids in the evaporation of perspiration from your skin, which in turn gives the impression that the room is colder.

How to make a fan function more efficiently?

Stack frozen blocks (or a basin of ice water) in front of the fan on a tray and turn on the fan. The fan will then blast cooled air straight off the frozen blocks, with the tray serving as a catchment for any water that may accumulate when the blocks thaw out due to the high temperatures.

People have also reported success when positioning the frozen blocks in front of the fan because the fan draws in the colder air coming off the blocks and then pushes it out into space. Experiment with different settings to find which one works best with your fan.

Use a tabletop oscillating fan near a window to circulate cooler air into the room if there is a brisk breeze outdoors. It is possible that you may need to connect or tie the fan to another object in your room in order to guarantee that it is safe.


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