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Monthly Archives: October, 2020

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For more than a century, oil has been an essential part of everyday life. Crude oil is a natural resource, but its...

Top 10 Crazy Superstitious Things People Do

Wouldn't it be awesome to wake up in the morning and have it all right? Evidently, this is next to impossible, but...

How to find Your First Job?

The period after graduating from school is a difficult time for many individuals. Lack of expertise is the hardest obstacle many graduates...

Most Read

Facebook has expanded its long-term remote working strategy to all employees.

After the Covid pandemic is ended, Facebook will allow all employees to work remotely.

Is it safe to use your credit cards with smartphone-based payment systems?

More products are being purchased both online and offline over the Christmas season, and paying for those products isn't as straightforward as it once was.

The ‘incredible’ amount of people in the UK who consume sexually content

According to a new study, half of all adults in the United Kingdom view porn. Pornhub was the most popular site, with 15 million users according to Ofcom's snapshot survey from September 2020.

Microsoft aims to integrate the Xbox into TVs and create its own streaming devices.

Microsoft hopes that your affection for the Xbox will extend beyond the video gaming console.